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Condo & Apartment Inspection

Being informed can help you save on costly repairs and expenses. At Parthenon Commercial Corp., we offer apartment inspections for potential buyers prior to purchasing. We also conduct Reserve Studies to help management teams in Indiana plan for future condo and neighborhood HOA improvements and repairs. Our professional team will evaluate the commercial property you currently own or are considering purchasing and prepare a detailed Property Condition Assessment for you. Call Parthenon at (877) 218-1010 or (317) 218-1010 for more information or to set up an appointment.

Apartment Inspections

When buying commercial property, it’s important to have a professional evaluation of the building and its components. If you’re considering purchasing an apartment complex, be sure to contact Parthenon to schedule an apartment inspection during your time of due diligence.

We will assemble an expert team tailored to your needs to do the inspection. We only work with contractors we handpick who are known for their expertise and honesty – and who can live up to our high standards of quality. From roof to foundation, our team assesses everything including HVAC systems, electrical, structure, components, parking lots, and all things in between. We can even handle specialty components such as elevators, Phase I Commercial, and fire protection systems during the apartment inspection.

Neighborhood HOA and Condo Inspections

When it comes to caring for the common areas of a neighborhood or condo, HOA management companies need to be proactive in planning for future repairs and expenses. Parthenon will conduct a Reserve Study or Capital Improvement Study to make sure your commercial property is adequately funded.

These studies include both a physical analysis and a financial analysis. We will give you a detailed report which includes the future projected costs to maintain the property’s components and common areas, as well as assess at what percentage you are of being fully funded.

Should you have a specific issue with common elements arise, such as a recall on siding, for instance, we can conduct a study on just this particular problem, instead of undertaking a complete condo inspection, and project the costs for remediation.

Finally, Parthenon can also handle Wood Destroying Insect Inspections (WDI). Finding termites in one condo does not bode well for other homes, and it may become necessary to treat the entire complex. Our inspectors are licensed by the state of Indiana and can evaluate the scope of the problem in Indianapolis and beyond.

Remember, Parthenon specializes in not only commercial inspections, but also conversions, repairs and environmental issues, facilities management and maintenance, and construction and tenant inspections. Contact us at our north Indianapolis location at (877) 218-1010 or (317) 218-1010 for more information or to set up a Reserve Study or apartment inspection. We are geared to move quickly and focus all our efforts on providing you with the information you need to make decisions.